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idk man i just really love Schalke

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ivegotthekittens replied to your post: tear ducts actually damp atm even…

why cry? Unless she was the one to leave him then yeah cause hes probably heartbrokem. If they both realized they were not making each other happy - good! We want our bb to be happy, right?

cried last night cos they obviously meant a lot to each other, being together for that long. and it’s like a part of their lives (or routine?) has been severed. outsiders don’t know much about their relationship because they were very private, but whatever the state of their marriage was in, it’s still sad to lose someone like that. i’m hopeful that they could still be friends, though. she stuck it out with him when he moved from club to club to club to ~better his footballing career, so she should also somehow share his ~success. obviously the marriage itself has fallen apart, and of course i also want them both to move forward and find happiness again. 

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